Library - a place where I explore the world

Regional Research Library in Liberec

A large part of the public perceives libraries as book rentals or as "just" cultural institutions. At the same time libraries do not have a simple situation - a rapidly changing needs and demands of society, the rate of development of IT technologies beyond the means of understanding and meaningful use of common users, there are temptations in the form of social networks ... But even in this environment and area, libraries have to offer. Let's try to look at the library differently - as a free, open and safe space (physical and virtual), which supports education by various means, cultivates personality, offers opportunities and space for exchanging views, with its modern interior and attractive services attracts more and more readers and visitors, is the first choice when choosing a place to spend your free time… as a place where you can explore the world.


Jun 23 2021


14:40 - 15:05