Goal of the symposium

The goal of the international library and information symposium INFOS is a reflection of the current state of librarianship in Slovakia and abroad, an outline of its development in the future, mutual sharing of experiences, innovations and ideas.

The topics of symposia in previous years have always been innovations and new challenges, whether in the field of technology or in the field of changes in the information and communication paradigm (e.g. under the influence of social networks and recommendation algorithms). Even this year we want to reflect all the things libraries face and, in addition, we want to try to capture the reflection of the most current influences, including the impact of the global coronavirus pandemic on changes in library service provision and changes in society as a whole. The four basic program blocks provide a framework that determines the basic topics of the INFOS 2021 symposium. However, we want the symposium to be an open forum where current professional papers and case studies from the Slovak library environment can be found, as well as the latest papers from abroad.