About the association

The Association of Slovak Librarians and Libraries (hereinafter "SSKK") is a civic association uniting librarians, bibliographers, information workers, libraries, bibliographic and information workplaces in the Slovak Republic and other interested parties. SSKK is a direct successor of the Association of Slovak Librarians and Informatics. SSKK represents the interests of librarians in the following advisory bodies and commissions:

  • Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic: Central Library Council
  • Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic: Council of the Government of the Slovak Republic for Culture and Creative Industries - Committee for Cultural Heritage
  • Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic: Commission for Sectoral Education in the Sector of Culture
  • Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic: Temporary working group for the recodification of the Copyright Act
  • Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic: Expert working group for digitization of library collections
  • IFLA

SSKK activities:

  • It creates a platform for the comprehensive professional, cultural and social development of membership and represents the interests of members before state, self-governing and other bodies and organizations, regardless of professional, political, generational and national affiliation.
  • SSKK is a democratic forum for the exchange of knowledge, experience and opinions. It cooperates with professional associations and organizations operating at home and abroad.
  • It organizes conferences, seminars and other professional events, including events with foreign participation, independently or in cooperation with library and information institutions and other organizations.
  • SSKK unites 935 individual and 72 collective members. Membership is voluntary.

SSKK activities, SSKK partnership at events of institutions and organizations:

  • Night with Andersen - an international reading promotion event organized on the occasion of the anniversary of the birth of the Danish fairy teller Hans Christian Andersen (April 2, 1805 - August 4, 1875). Since 1967, April 2 has been declared International Children's Book Day. In Slovakia, Noc with Andersen has been coordinated by the Association of Slovak Librarians since 2006. It takes place in all regions of Slovakia and annually adds a larger number of not only public and school libraries, but also primary and kindergartens, leisure centers, children's homes and other educational and cultural facilities.
  • Slovak Libraries Week - a nationwide event that is held every year under the common motto: "Libraries for all". The announcers are the Slovak Association of Libraries and the Association of Slovak Librarians and Libraries. The basic goal of this week's events is to positively raise the profile of libraries as cultural, educational and information institutions.
  • INFOS - international information symposium on the position and tasks of memory institutions, has the longest tradition in Slovakia (since 1972), since 2001 takes place about once every 2 years, a major event in the field of culture, science, technology and education for all types of libraries with international participation, the main organizer is SSKK
  • InfoLib Portal - portal for library and information theory and practice, operates under the administration of SSKK since 2004 several professional activities in the regions of the Slovak Republic

A brief history of SSKK

  • The first national association of Slovak librarians was established on February 12, 1946, as the first Slovak professional association. It participated in the development of librarianship, defended the interests of library staff and represented the interests of Slovak librarianship abroad. The association had a progressive program and in the first stage of its activities focused, among other things, on solving issues of continuous education of librarians. He suspended his activities in 1951 as a result of official measures in the field of federal activity.
  • After the First Congress of Slovak Librarians, which took place from 3 to 4 December 1968 in the PKO in Bratislava, the Association of Slovak Librarians, Bibliographers and Information Workers was established. His task was to develop professional, cultural and hobby activities in the field of librarianship, bibliography and scientific and technical information.
  • Rok 1969 bol pre zväz a slovenské knihovníctvo obzvlášť významný tým, že 25. 8. na 35. zasadaní generálnej rady IFLA v Kodani bol zväz prijatý za riadneho člena IFLA.
  • The Union Bulletin has been published since 1970. From this year, the professional sections also started to organize professional events. The Informatics Section organized the first seminar on the topic of the use of computer technology in libraries and information centers on November 21-23, 1972 in Kamenný Mlyn near Bratislava. This event has become the basis of the tradition of organizing annual INFOS seminars. Proceedings of the seminars were published annually.
  • The General Assembly of ZSKI on March 29, 1990 closed the 21-year stage of its existence, and after the previous union-wide discussion and discussion at the General Assembly, a new name and new statutes were adopted. The Association of Slovak Librarians (SSK) was established as a direct successor to ZSKI, as an independent, voluntary interest organization uniting librarians, bibliographers and information workers, library, bibliographic and information workplaces on the principle of professional and general cultural interest. The basic organizational units of the association were three professional sections - librarian, bibliographic and informatics.
  • The first professional event in the period after the General Assembly and the adoption of the new name of the Association of Slovak Librarians was the jubilee 20th Informatics Seminar INFOS 90 (April 18 - 20, 1990 Vrátna dolina). The event focused on the share of VTEI libraries and centers in the company's informatization. The seminar took place in turbulent times in the preparation of library and information legislative documents.
  • In accordance with the Statutes of the SSK, which were approved at the 8th General Assembly of the SSK, regional branches were created in order to significantly promote not only the professional and interest principle, but also the territorial principle in the organizational structure and activities of the association.
  • In 2013, at the General Assembly of the SSK, the name of the association was changed to the Association of Slovak Librarians and Libraries.
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